Alaskan Inspiration

It was in Alaska where I first took to the skies. Airplanes are as common as cars everywhere else. After all that time in “The Bush” I traded away the float planes for airliners. I’ve flown for 6 carriers, Captained several aircraft and been a Training Department Manager where I hired, trained and periodically evaluated a few hundred pilots who fly you and yours around the world today. Such a blessing to have that opportunity and responsibility ! Net result is I’ve been furloughed 9 times, twice by United Airlines. Needless to say the Airline industry has been a fun but very unstable ride! The one thing that has always kept me moving along with a smile has been music! It’s my Prozak ! There is always a song for every story and always folks to play it to ! Another great blessing! Life brings experience and the journey along our way is what we sing about.